Cumbaya Times! (Part 1)

Today I was reading C. H. Spurgeon’s classic sermon “Travailing for Souls” and then an email came from the Davoll Family. The Davoll Family is serving the Lord in Cumbaya, Ecuador as church planting missionaries. Why in the world am I connecting those two dots?

First, Spurgeon’s sermon is a masterful call to the Christian and the church to ache and yearn to see people come to faith in Christ. The Davoll email was living proof of a family doing just that.

Second, the sermon also is masterful in explaining how the ache and yearning must precede the spiritual fruit. We must drop to our knees and plead with God to see people we know come to faith. When we do just watch and see what God will do. The Davoll email is living proof of this as well. They went with the passion, aching and yearning to see Ecuadorians saved. Now just one year after they started a little (and I mean little) church in their home God is giving wonderful fruitful increase.

Will you take a moment and rejoice with me and see just what God can do when someone aches and yearns (and in the Olde English) travails for souls. What follows is excerpted from their email. There will be a second part posting shorlty that will outline some individual testimonies of salvation!

We praise the Lord and are completely OVERWHELMED at all God has done in Cumabya, Ecuador.  In October we celebrated the FIRST ANNVERSARY of La Iglesia Bautista La Conexion a La Esperanza (The Baptist Church – The Connection to the Hope).  What a year it has been!  We began Oct 10, 2010 with 19 in our living room with three other core Ecuadorian families.  Soon our living room could not hold the 30 attendees and we moved to home across the street.  God answered our prayers and diligent search the first week of December 2010 and we moved to our own rented space.  By Easter 2011, we moved downstairs to the parking garage as we outgrew our rented space.  The church is growing in breadth and DEPTH!  As we celebrated our first anniversary, we had 87 people present to praise the Lord together.  To celebrate our anniversary we heard testimonies from the first 3 families that started the church with us.  In the afternoon we played games followed by a traditional “hornado” of pork, potatoes, mote (like hominy), salads, and avocados.  We finished the night with an open testimony time.  It was a wonderful day together with God’s people here in Cumbaya.  Thank you for your part in this ministry!  You are a blessing!


To learn more about the Davoll’s click on their link on the right hand side under Missions.

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