Happy Birthday Mrs. Williams!

Yesterday Kay Williams turned 98. To the world that is an achievement unto itself. But the legacy of Kay Williams will be so much more than reaching an age 99% of us never will. The legacy Kay Williams is an eternal one.

Kay is the last living charter member of Grace Baptist Church. In 1946, along with a handful of other committed believers, a new church was formed. In an era of theological and ecclesiastical compromise this group of believers stood for fundamental orthodoxy. Now 65 years later Grace Baptist still holds to the same fundamental orthodoxy. The difference in attendance though is 10 fold.

Kay Williams’s legacy is threefold.

  1. Her personal faithfulness to the Lord. Even yesterday on her 98th birthday she unashamedly spoke of her love for God and her Savior Jesus Christ. Kay has been a prayer warrior for decades now. She still prays fervently for the church she started all those years ago.
  2. Her faithful ministry of serving and teaching. Kay labored week in and week out to teach the Bible. There are those in our church today who give testimony to learning the Scriptures under Mrs. Williams. For years Kay taught the Bible to special needs students. Even in her earlier years in the nursing home Kay led Bible studies.
  3. Her corporate ministry. Grace Baptist Church saw 400 people attend worship this past Sunday. Kay has the joy of seeing the church she help start grow from 30 something to hundreds. How many lives over the past 65 years have been impacted because of a faithful few back in 1946? What a legacy to be a part of! We who worship at Grace today can give thanks this Thanksgiving to the faithful who have gone before us.

In the picture below my wife asked Kay if she would share something she is thankful for so we could put a leaf in her name on our Giving Thanks Tree. She obliged and simply expressed thanks for the grace and mercy of God. Nothing fancy just fundamental orthodoxy even after all these years. Happy 98th birthday to a great woman of the faith!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mrs. Williams!

  1. Praise the Lord for this legacy! Claudia and I also stopped in to visit Kay and wish her a happy birthday and thank her for her faithfulness. We took her the two sheets of paper our church family signed and wrote notes on to her and read them all to her. It was a very special time together and she was touched with your kindness.
    Pastor Shirk

  2. Kay’s life has been an example to all of us!Her legacy of a faithful servant unto our Lord speaks volumes to the generations that are following her!What a Godly women!She has touched our families lives in so many ways!Thank you Kay !

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