Talking Shop

Grace Baptist will be hosting the Empire State Fellowship Fall Shop Talk on November 10th. Not only are we hosting this event but the pastoral staff of Grace will also be the ones doing it. Pastors Shirk, Hurlbut and Bartz along with our Generosity Consultant Tom Melzoni will share thoughts on “How to Build Commitment into Today’s Local Church.” Let me be clear up front, we do not consider ourselves experts who have arrived at all on this topic! We are praying to be able to share some experiences and principles that we have learned along the way that we trust will encourage our peers.

Anyone is welcome to come. The Shop Talk begins at 8:30am and concludes with a lunch at 12:30. A tour/walk through of the new building will take place after the lunch. If you do plan on attending please make sure someone on the church staff knows ahead of time so we can plan accordingly. The link below gives more infomation.

Shop Talk Batavia

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