Ken Schultz Ordained

This past Sunday Pastor Ken Schultz was ordained by First Baptist Church of Randolph, NY. Pastor Ken began his journey towards ordination here at Grace Baptist over 10 years ago. Ken along with his wife Rhonda became a part of Grace and began serving and being discipled. In the fall of 2001 Ken became “Pastor Ken” when Grace Baptist called him to be their part time Youth Pastor. After serving 3 years in that capacity Ken led his family down to Baptist Bible College (BBC) in Clark Summit, PA in order to complete his theological training. After completion of his Master of Divinity work at BBC Ken was called to pastor in Randolph,NY. Last week Pastor Don Shirk, Pastor Jeff Bartz and I had the privilege of examining Ken on his theology as part of an ordination council. Ken did a great job defending his beliefs and articulating his doctrinal positions. Pastor Don Shirk had the honor of giving the charge to the Pastor Ken and the church at the special ordination service this past Sunday. As you can see form the pictures the sword tradition continues as Pastor Shirk presented Ken with a replica of a Roman soldier’s sword.

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