If It’s Not Biblical, It’s Not Counseling

Today Pastor Jeff Bartz pulls no punches in explaining differences between biblical counseling and pyschology as we continue on with our focus on biblical counseling and the church.

If It’s Not Biblical, It’s Not Counseling.

 by Pastor Jeff Bartz

To Jesus, there is no alternative for biblical counseling (Col. 2:8-10)!  God alone has a monopoly on revealing the truth about the human psyche that He shares with no one else (1 Kgs. 8:39)!  That’s why you can’t trust psychology!  You can’t trust man’s ability to discern the heart!  Left to ourselves and without God and the truth of His word, we are too self-deceived to truly understand the soul of man and his behavior.  You cannot derive subjective truth about the inner man apart from the Bible.

Here are two quick reasons among many that secular psychotherapy is a bad idea for believers:

First, secular counseling depends upon human reason and research to answer life questions about people, problems, and solutions. Biblical counseling depends upon scriptural revelation to build a comprehensive, compassionate, culturally-informed approach to who we are, what went wrong, and how to solve the issues of the soul.

Second, secular counseling, assumes that there is no authoritative final answer, no explanation to the meaning of life, and the human psyche, only theory and schools of thought. It’s a pseudo science based upon arrogant humanistic pretenses.  Biblical counseling, while appreciating our human limitations and understanding our cultural diversity, believes that in the Bible God has given us all that we need for life and godliness. The Bible provides real answers for real people with real problems.  Nothing else addresses the issues of life as sufficiently as the Word of God.  Secular Psychological theory is the world’s counterfeit answer system for solving the thinking and behavioral problems of humanity. 

There may be a lot of nice people who are secular psychologists and counselors.  It makes sense to me that the professional field of psychology would be a draw to nice, sensitive, caring people.  A counselor might even tell you they are a Christian, but that does not mean that they are going to counsel you biblically.  Jesus is clear that counselors that do not scripturally and spiritually help people with their problems, but instead lure them away from Jesus Christ to have their spiritual issues addressed by some other counterfeit, that person Jesus condemns (Matt. 18:6).

The truth is:

Psychology is not interested in a Biblical view of man instead it emphasizes self-focus.

Psychology is not interested in a Biblical view of sin, instead it often denies personal responsibility.

Psychology is not interested in a Biblical view of problems.

Psychology is not interested in a Biblical view of truth.

Psychology is not interested in God – it’s interested in the centrality of the Self instead of Jesus.

Psychology is not interested in a divine purpose for your problems.

Why are Christians looking to secular psychology to save them from their problems?  Because they are not exploring the sufficiency of the Scriptures!  The believer in Jesus Christ has unbreakable hope because of the Word of God.  And even in the midst of their darkest crises, their eternal problem remains resolved!

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