One Life At A Time

Tomorrow we are hosting our neighbors to come and see the progress of the new building. This event is for us one small step to reach out and connect with people who otherwise do not come to our church.

Tomorrow Nate Logan is running in a 5K/10K event that is designed to reach out. He will be running with someone who he has connected with. That someone also doesn’t happen to know the Lord. It is one life, one day, one event, but that is evangelism in 2011.

One will take place in Batavia, NY while the other takes place in Porto Alegre, Brazil. We are partners, the Logans and Grace Baptist, both seeking to be faithful to the Great Commission. Pray for both efforts to see God glorified one life at a time.

The Logan family (Nate, Cherith, Gradyn and Jace) our missionary partners in church planting ministry in south Brazil.

Cherith is a wonderful musician and vocalist. Click here to listen to several of her recordings and be blessed!

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