John MacArthur Video About Our Host In Italy

Our Europe Mission Team had an incredible time of learning culture and ministering in church works we support in Lisbon and Italy. While in Italy the three guys on the team stayed with Pastor Lucio Stanisci and his family. What wonderful and gracious hosts they were.

Pastor Lucio, his wife Christina and their children at morning breakfast and devotions. The Stanicsi's hosted the guys on the Europe Mission Team. Notice the large green coffee mug in the lower left corner. That would be the American (me) opting for the American size morning coffee.

Pastor Lucio is being installed this weekend as the Pastor of the church where Dan & Elizabeth Ransom (missionaries we support) are ministering. John MacArthur will be conducting the installation service. Below is a video featuring Pastor Lucio by John MacArthur’s Grace To You. The video was produced a couple years ago while Pastor Lucio was in America doing seminary work. The exciting part for our mission team was seeing first hand the fruit of the story in this video.

This Sunday the Mission team will be giving a report of their trip to Europe.

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