Beautiful, Beautiful

God has allowed us to see some of the most beautiful places in His creation this past week. He has also allowed us to meet some ‘beautiful’ people. By beautiful people I mean beautiful people of God. The scenery has been incredible but just as ‘beautiful’ have been the people who have hosted us, cared for us and shown us around Lisbon and central Italy.

We arrived in Italy Wednesday in time to unpack and participate in their Wednesday night prayer service. (see previous post) Thursday we spent the day traveling to Florence with Dan & Elizabeth Ransom. What an amazing city full of history! Below are a few pictures from the Wednesday service and the team in Florence…and yes that is us in front of the statue of King David. (I’ll let you in on a secret: the real statue is in a small building and not for viewing).

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One thought on “Beautiful, Beautiful

  1. This is exciting. There are always blessings in serving our Lord and seeing some of the “perks of the trip” in site-seeing and fellowship is evidence of God`s blessing. We are praying the “ministry part” of the trip, is also going forward for the cause of Christ, as you encourage the Missionaries` hearts and ministries in Europe and seek to serve those in spiritual need, one step closer to Christ, by the Word and deeds. Prayers and love sent to the whole team and to our Missionaries. Dennis/Gayle

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