Painting, Passing And Planting In Portugal

Today the Europe Mission Team was in Samora Correia.  Samora Correia is a city about the size of Batavia 30 miles north and east of Lisbon. This is where Jon & Marilyn Rust are planting their third church. The work is young in a country that is very hardened to the gospel. Jon has opened a small bookstore on the main street in the city that also serves as the church meeting place on Sunday’s.

The key outreach strategy to connect with people from the city is an English class they started tonight (it is almost midnight Monday as I type this). To help prepare for this class our team painted the outside of the building and passed out flyers promoting the class around town.

The painting was, well, unique. They make buildings a little differently here than they do in the US. If you look closely at the pictures you will see we used some unorthodox equipment. The job got done, although we drew many comments from the Portuguese who walked by. Hey, if it brings attention to the ministry here then we were willing!

The team then participated in the first English class tonight. We trust that this will be a great time of planting in the lives those who came and who will come in the future. It is exciting to be on the front lines of reaching lives!

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The next blog post will most likely come from Italy!

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