Worshipping With The Portuguese

There is just something about worshipping with brothers and sisters in Christ from other cultures. Especially unique is worshipping where they do not speak English. Oh, but what worship it is!

Before we get to the worship when we last left you (and before we lost the internet where we were staying) the team was working on the Lisbon Training Center property. The remainder of day 2 included a tour of a huge, and I mean huge, monastery-king’s castle just north of Lisbon and a brief stop at a walled city called Obidos.

Portugal is an extremely dark country spiritually speaking. Tradition has such a tight grip

We met some great teammates of Jon and Marilyn Rust yesterday. The Rusts had a commitment they needed to attend so we spent the day with various other missionaries. What a blessing they were to us!

Day 3 was moving and worship day. We moved out of the Lisbon Training Center and out to Jon & Marilyn’s house. They are planting a church (their 3rd) on the outskirts of Lisbon. The packed up and then ministered in the morning worship service. Rachael Yuhnke played special music and shared her testimony. Pastor Hurlbut preached the message. The afternoon saw the team settling in at the Rust’s, having a delicious lunch with the Rust’s and then catch some much needed rest. Then it was off to a city about 30 miles north to minister there in the evening service. Dean Griffith and Syd Dziewa shared their testimonies, Rachael Yuhnke did special music, and Pastor Hurlbut preached a message.

The Lord has been very good! The team is dong very well. Here are some pictures from Day 2 & Day 3.

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One thought on “Worshipping With The Portuguese

  1. We are praying every day for you to have a wonderful time ministering!!! I miss you all, but am so glad for this opportunity. Dean,, I can’t help it…I get choaked up every time I think of what God has done in your life. Seeing you in these pictures just makes me cry tears of joy!! Love you, your YOUNGER sister.

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