5 thoughts on “Sharpie Sunday Video

  1. Ted, thanks so much for the blessing of this video! It’s so encouraging to see the genuine expressions of God’s courageous people! Great choice of music – how fitting! I can’t wait for the movie release!

  2. Thank you so much, Ted for your labor of love and for the beautiful pictures of our “family” leaving their hearts to God on concrete! You’ll never know what this meant to me. Thank you for the ending; Ron did so want to see this to the end and it means so much to his family to see him remembered. There is no group of believers like GBC in Batavia, NY May God continue to use us all greatly for His Kingdom!

  3. Ted,thank you for doing this.It is such a blessing!It really captures the heart of our church family and their desires to reach others for Christ.

  4. What a beautiful memory video and testimony of faith and reliance on God. It is wonderful to see you permanently declaring this before God, man, and the enemy! As I watched your congregation – men, women and children alike – meditating on the Word to decide what to write, on their knees (or belly!) writing it out, and gathered in small groups praying or fellowshipping together, I could just imagine that God was smiling down on you . 🙂 I believe He is preparing to do a good thing at Grace because you have dedicated not only the building, but also the land, to the Lord. God bless! (Mary Stryker’s sister)

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