The Most Viewed/Click Post Is…

We have been taking a stroll down memory lane the last 2 weeks recounting the ten most viewed/clicked posts of all time. Thank you for joining along! Now we come to what was by far the most viewed/clicked post…

1. I’m A Blessed Dad (Aimee’s Video)

Instead of simply reposting the original I thought I would share a little background to this video post. This video was a senior project Aimee was assigned to produce for one of her classes. The assignment was to incoporate all her artwork in a video that shared something about her and her life. I knew she was working on something but the first time her mother and I saw the video was with hundreds of other Batavia parents and students at the high school just before Father’s Day. Grace Baptist is prominently featured in the video as well as a cameo by her sister Meg.

I am a blessed dad. God is too wonderful. Enjoy!

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