Loyal Till The End

These pictures are making their way around the web. I am touched by the depth of emotion and profundity of them. One of our bravest young men sacrificed his life for our country in Afghanistan. He was faithful to his country till the end. His dog was faithful to him till the end.

Looking at this picture my mind was drawn to the image of our faithfulness to Christ till the end. Praise God we serve a risen Savior. Death could not hold Him. But still, there is something to the simple faithfulness and devotion captured by this picture.

You see a dog does not choose his master yet he is content to be faithful to whatever master he has been given. A Christian does not choose his Master either; because Christ has chosen him. The Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians that he learned to be content no matter where he found himself, because he was content in Christ his Master.

What does loyalty to Christ look like? In a world that presses us not only to expect but embrace change what is the image of simple faithfulness to our Lord and Savior that comes to our mind?  What will it look like for us to be loyal till the end?

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