Countdown Goes Golden

This was one of the first posts that leveraged Facebook traffic to expand the blogs audience for a particular post. We like it here at the blog when you repost a link that you appreciate to all your Facebook friends ūüôā It gets the word out about our ministry. Coming in at number 5 is…

5. A Golden Couple 

                     Dennis & Gayle Waldron

(note: this was orginally posted back in February, so, today is not their 50th :))

Today marks the 50th wedding anniversary of Dennis and Gayle Waldron. That makes them as far as wedding traditions go; a golden couple. But those who know Dennis and Gayle know that who they are is what really makes them a golden couple. I’m sure Dennis and Gayle would be the first to tell you that they are not perfect and their marriage is not perfect. But they have modeled a lost art in modern marriage culture: consistency. Not a glamorous word I know, but a substantive one.

Marriage was never intended to be glamorous as much as it was intended to be glorious. When a husband and wife bring glory to God, the Creator and Owner of marriage, they experience the glorious joy of what God intended in marriage. What did God intend in marriage? Two people becoming one in all matters of faith and life. Consistency in those two; faith and life, marks what constitutes a substantive marriage over the years. Substantive marriages ought to be celebrated. And praise should be offered for the grace of God that enables people like Dennis and Gayle to not just survive 50 years of marriage but thrive.

Congratulations to a golden couple who are more in love today than yesterday and who have sought to live and love in a way that brings glory to God!

One thought on “Countdown Goes Golden

  1. We were really surprised to view this post and be a part of the 10 countdown. We feel very honored! It was humbling for us to review the comments and yes, we love each other more every day, and yes, it is because of God that we attained the milestone of 50 years. He deserves all the glory! We are very thankful for the years He has given to us, to share together. We haven`t arrived yet, but are still learning that by devoting our lives, to loving and living for Him, and not ourselves, that we also have the most joy in our marriage.
    2 Corin. 5: 15 says; And He died for all, so that they who live, should no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf.PTL!

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