20,000 And Counting

20,000. Does that number strike you as large? Here at the blog we are viewing that number with significance. We do so because we are approaching the 20,000 visit mark! Yes, 20,000 times people have stopped by the blog all in just a matter of months! In order to mark this occasion we bring you two, count them two, special events.

The first event will be a countdown of the ten most popular posts of all time. If nothing else these posts will take you down a memory lane covering a variety of events and issues that have marked our ministry since the blog began.

The second event will be a resource give away! On the day that we break 20,000 I will randomly select (with third party observers present from the accounting firm of Shirk, Bartz and Heale) a few names from the subscribers list to win a special resource. But you must be a subscriber to the blog in order to have your name put in the drawing. So, if you like winning stuff and you are not a subscriber to the blog then I would act fast! Just to the right of this post there is a button you can click to subscribe. Once you click that button you will be asked to give your email address. After you complete that you will automatically receive an email from the gbctoday blog. Follow the simple instructions to click on that email to confirm you want to be subscribed to the blog.

So, what does it mean to subscriber anyway? It means you will get an email notification letting you know every time something is posted on the blog. All you have to do then is click the email and you are sent right to the blog. This also means you will be current with the ministry of Grace Baptist in a unique way that includes pictures, videos and other edifying  information.

Thanks to you all who stop by here and especially to those of you who are subscribers for your desire to stay connected with Grace between Sundays!

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