Kayla Underwood Mission Trip Update

Kayla Underwood ministering to children in the Domincan Republic

Continue ot pray for Kayla this week as she serves on a missions team in the Domincan with SCORE International.

Here is a portion of the blog post that goes with the picture of Kayla above. To read more about the mission team’s ministry in the Dominican click here.

Today we went to a new village. When we got there we split into two groups, one group for building (mostly guys & Bea!) and another group to play and do ministry with the kids and adults. The building team had the task of ripping off the metal roof on the church, putting new braces in and putting new metal on the roof. They quickly got to work. As they started working the rest of us headed into the village to find and play with some of the people. We quickly found the spot, a small shaded slab of concrete. The kids came quickly to see what the “Americanos” had to offer. We played with beads, Frisbee, puzzles, a soccer ball and volleyball. The kids were very friendly and loved on us without words. We played and talked with them all morning (as much as Americans with 2 or less years or basic Spanish can talk) J. At 11:30 we were wiped out. The heat has quite an effect on us here. We stopped for lunch and took a quick break in the shade. After lunch the roof team still needed more time for the roof so we headed back to play. Even as sweaty as we were, we were welcome back the kids grabbing out hands and looking for attention. We had such a great time with the adults, teenagers and kids. In the afternoon we sang songs, did a drama, craft and testimony (ALL WITHOUT AN INTERPRETOR!) Thanks to Kayla, Kelsey and the other girls who fearlessly got up in front of the Dominicans and spoke the Spanish they knew…(and the people understood them!) ;). When we were all loaded up on the buses we were ready to be out of the sun…however the day was one we will not soon forget. It was well worth the sweat, sun and dirt.

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