Early, My God

I thought I would bring you a little change of pace for the blog today. I came across this cd today (solo femininity is the blog source) and really appreciated the concept behind the project. There is just something about classic (by this I mean old not so much well known) hymns being set to contemporary arrangements that I enjoy. This is an entire set of songs set to Isaac Watts’s hymns and poetry. I want to draw your attention to one piece in particular that I found is deeply personal and worshipful. “Early, My God” is the title to the track. Here are some of the lyrics:

Early my God without delay
I haste to seek your face
My thirsty spirit faints away
Without your cheering grace

Not all the blessings of a feast
Could fill my soul so well.
As when your richest grace I taste,
and in your presence dwell.

My spirit toils with this life’s gloom
And fights to stay the course
Remind me of that heavenly hour
When you called me yours.

To listen to this song click on track number 10 below. I think you will enjoy the 2:54 of worship in the midst of your day.

I’ve also included a promotional video about the project from its’ members. There are some very substantive thoughts in the video along with a sampling of various songs from the cd. I’m not endorsing that you go and buy this cd(unless you really like the Americana/Bluegrass/Country genre) just sharing with you something I’m listening to today.

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