Struck By A Moment

Maybe I’m a little nutty. But have you ever dreamt of a moment that you really wish would come and then it actually does come? It almost seems surreal when it does. It’s like one of those “pinch me so I know this is real” moments. Well, it turns out that God gives us those moments and I think He delights in our wonderment of realizing those moments are a gift from Him.

This past Wednesday night was one of those moments for me. Wednesday night was our mid-week service and it was special. The night was special to me because I was struck by a moment. What a grand and glorious moment it was.

I settled in to my seat in our auditorium next to my fidgety 3 year old son; a routine event that in and of itself is quite unremarkable. What followed though was one those unexpected God moments. We were asked to open our Bibles to Jeremiah 33:3. And the moment began. Let me share with you that verse: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” God tells us to call upon Him and He will show us things we could not imagine. Then it hit me. This week with our groundbreaking ceremony God is showing us great and mighty things. Actually He has been showing us great and mighty things ever since we began the “Give Me Eyes to See” campaign almost 1 ½ years ago. We have been calling on God since then to “give us eyes to see” and He has been doing just that. Now, I’m not just referring to building we will build, although that is very exciting. I’m referring to why we are building a building. We are building because God continues to work in the lives of people to bring about more and better disciples here at Grace.

So after our devotional time in the word, we all went outside to pray where the new building would go. My family went to the baptismal area, just as we did at the groundbreaking last Sunday, because our hearts are there. We are so struck by God’s saving grace in our own lives and His ongoing work of saving grace in others that we wanted to pray over that area. We look forward to seeing more disciples being baptized and then becoming better disciples. We prayed knowing what God has already done in our midst and in anticipation of what is yet to come.

What a moment it was to be standing there where the new baptismal will be and to be awed by God. To reflect on how far God has brought us in our own lives and how far he has brought this church. Then beyond that, to dream ahead to the future when I will again be struck by a moment. Another moment awed by God for what He has done between now and then.  

So let me encourage you call upon Him, see what He will show you and be struck by a moment.

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