A Glorious Day Part 1

What a glorious day this past Sunday was! Grace Baptist celebrated moms and celebrated the groundbreaking for a new 2.7 million dollar addition in a day that will soon not be forgotten by those who were here. Everything about the day was special; even the schedule. Members and friends of Grace gathered at 10am for one service and then moved outside to break ground for the building project. The weather was special too; absolutely perfect for a groundbreaking ceremony. Over the next few days we walk through that special day pictorially in the order the day happened. So today we begin with pictures from the prep work done by Jim Bouton and Jerry Oltz and the service inside.

Jim and Jerry painted the new addition onto the church lawn so all could see right where the new portions of the addition would be going. This picture is taken right from where the pulpit will be.


The view here is from the new pastoral office suite looking back towards the exisiintg church building.


Thank you Jim and Jerry for a great job! Now on to the service inside.

A full church for the special day.


The Grace Group led off the service with the song "You Are."


The Worship Team led the congregation in singing "By Faith", "This is How we Know", and "Praise the Father, Praise the Son."


Jennifer Muntz, one of the many new moms at Grace is recognized. Several moms were recognized and given flower baskets.


Pastor Shirk updated the congregation capital campaign giving. Roughly 45% of the nearly $900,000 committed last Mother's Day has come in so far.

Brother and sister Ben and Missy Heale played a piano duet of "Wonderful Grace of Jesus" for the offertory.


Eric Payer of M3 Development Corp. who led the church through the design of the new facility shared a testimony of his work with the building committee.


Tom Melzoni of Generis Corp. who led the church through the captial campaign shared an encouraging challenge to the church.


The building Committee is joined up front by the Pastors, M3 Development Corp. officials and the "honorary groundbreakers" Josh Kosiorek, Mark Woodruff and JD Barrett.

The honorary groundbreaking shovels. Pastor Shirk selected three men to represent three generations to ceremonially break the ground for the upcoming project.

This brings us to the conclusion of the inside portion of our special and glorious day. Tomorrow we will begin posting pictures from our time outside!

One thought on “A Glorious Day Part 1

  1. Don,

    Congratulations to you, your family and church family on a great day.

    We continue to pray for you, your family and your ministry.

    Warmest regards in Christ,

    Bob and Gloy

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