A Historic Day

This Sunday will mark a historic day in the life of Grace Baptist. There have been a few historic days along the way beginning back in 1946. That is the year this ministry was founded by a small group of committed believers who by faith started a church that would be grounded on the word of God and a passion for reaching others for the sake of the gospel. 65 years later the mission of Grace Baptist has not changed but a whole lot else has. God has grown this ministry through the years to where we now find ourselves breaking ground on a 2.7 million dollar addition. It is a story that only God could write. Where do you find yourself in that story?

Let’s visit some of those historic moments and see just a glimpse of the story God has written here at Grace. If you click on a picture a larger version will open up.

In the 1950's and 60's this building on Bank Street in Batavia served as the home to Grace Baptist.


The ground breaking for the current facility on Vine Street in 1971. Notice J.D. Barrett all the way to the left.


The iconic steeple that has been a part of this northeast Batavia nieghborhood is placed on top of the current church building in 1972.

The Building Committee at the ground breaking for Phase 1 in 2003. Pictured from left to right are: Jerry Oltz, Ron McCracken, Brian Paris, Jim Bouton, Tom Underwood, Mark Woodruff (Chairman), Mike Charvella, Mark Stryker.


Construction of Phase 1 in 2003.

The soon to be new look of Grace Baptist.


The soon to be new look of Grace Baptist from above.

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