Where Will Your Stone Go?

The comment caught me off guard. “I know exactly where my stone is going.” I glanced at my father -in-law with a confused look and said “Huh?” “Under the baptismal.” He continued on as if I really knew what he was talking about. One Mississippi, two Mississippi… “Ohhh I got you.” I finally replied. The vote to proceed with our building expansion had just passed the night before and he was referring to his prayer stone.

During our capital campaign last spring we asked families to pick a prayer stone from the “Golden Wheelbarrow” and use that stone as a symbol to remind families to pray for our ministry and our vision to reach more and more people in our community with the gospel. Those stones would then be placed by each family in the foundation of the new building during the construction. This would ensure the prayers of God’s people would help form not only a physical part of the foundation but more powerfully the spiritual foundation of the new facility.

The "Golden Wheelbarrow" full of prayer stones from our Captial Campaign.

Now that we are set to begin building the new facility (in June) where will your stone go? My father-in-law knows exactly where his is going; right under the baptismal. Why there? Because of what his baptism means to him. And because of the person who helped him behind the scenes the day he was baptized. That person was Marge Woodruff.

So where do you envision your stone going? Will it go under the nursery because of your desire for more and more children and young families to be a part of Grace? Will it be under where the pulpit will go because of your passion for the preaching of the word? Will it go under front doors because you want to see more and more people from the community enter into this church? Will go under the pastoral suite because you want the pastors to be lifted up in prayer? Will it go under the foyer because of your love for the fellowship and community of the saints this church enjoys? Will it be in the auditorium because of what worship means to you? Will it be under the baptismal because you are so grateful for God’s saving work in your life and you look forward to seeing it in others?

I want to encourage you now to think and pray where you would like to put your prayer stone. So where will your stone go?

One thought on “Where Will Your Stone Go?

  1. Our stone will go in the nursery because the out pouring of love we received when Jeffrey was born moved not only us, but our unsaved family. It was a great testimony to our awesome God!

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