One thought on “Kari Shirk In Peru

  1. Hi Kari,
    WOW! sounds like you are doing great with the kids and with the challenges, like throw-up deal/student going to the principal`s office etc. We cont. to pray daily for you and see that our prayers are being answered is also encouraging. God is so good and it is with great joy we have in serving and praying for you and Missions of Grace Bapt. We have a meeting tonight and we are excited, as we are supposed to learn about a name, that is going to go into missions from GB.
    I think I know who it is, but maybe I`ll be surprised.
    Just wanted to drop you a line from home.
    I will be going to In. next week with Mary, S. and Sue U. and Colleen H. for the cancer ministry seminar. it is exciting! Then 2 weeks after, I`ll be going with Dennis back to In. for the NANC Annual Conf. where I`ll be graduating as a certified NANC Biblical counselor. I`m finishing my 50 hours in a few days and my supervisor told me today, as he listened to my last counseling session required for certification, that he has already sent in my paperwork to NANC.So, this is an exciting day and I look forward to continue to serve the Lord in counseling.
    Well, I have to sign off as I have to go pick up my grand-kids after the 1st day of school here. I get to hear all the news of the 1st day. PTL! for Grand-kids. gotta love them. Love n prayers for you Kari,

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