“Looking Forward Sunday!”

What an incredible day this past Sunday was! Here are some pictures that capture the special worship service we had.

Joshua Bartz and Seneca Calderon help Pastor Shirk announce the total amount committed by the Church Leadership towards the "Give Me Eyes to See" capital campaign. Yes, that number on the screen is $589, 681.

Mike Johnson and his son Ben delivered another classic "Johnson Traveling Troupe" skit that not only made a point it also made us laugh!

We closed each service by heading outside to walk around "inside" where the new Worship Center will be.

The children came forward to place their "stewardship banks" in the Golden Wheel Barrel while the congregation sang the Doxology.

We concluded our time outside at the early service with Mark Woodruff, Building Committee Chairman, leading in a prayer of thanksgiving and dedication.

One thought on ““Looking Forward Sunday!”

  1. Grace Baptist Crew…….

    Thanks for the pics and notes. I was not feeling up

    for church so missed a fantastic time of sharing

    and hearing what GOD is doing amongst our church

    family.. We do serve an awesome God in all ways..

    Let’s keep our eyes looking forward and UP ^^ UP !!

    Looking forward to Mothers’ Day services.


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