Praying Things Through

This week was one of those weeks when the reality of the Capital Campaign was hitting my wife and I straight on. I imagine we are like many of you scuffling along and getting the bills paid. Being thankful for what we do have, but realizing we don’t have a whole lot of room to breathe in our financial lives. Four teenage girls (one of which is in college) and a toddler make the trips to grocery and department stores seem like mini-mortgages. This is simply life in America in 2010.

In the midst of this life we have been called to something greater by someone greater. We have been called to be followers of Christ, and Jesus said that will cost you something. For each of us that something will vary from person to person, but mark it down, a true authentic life of following Jesus will cost you something. Sometimes that cost is literally a financial one.  

My wife and I are not exempt from the tension of figuring out what to do about a financial commitment to “Give Me Eyes to See.” Ultimately this campaign will ask each of us at Grace to prayerfully consider having a financial part in the future of this ministry. Being a pastor doesn’t make this process any easier.  We must pray and wrestle through this along side of you. My wife and I resolved to do just that this week. We will pray. We will commit our commitment to Him asking Him to show us what we should do. He has already begun that process but we will continue to pray and seek all the way through. God has met our needs in the past in ways we could never have dreamt and we believe He will do so somehow someway in the future.

So, will you pray things through with us? What great joy there will be in seeing and hearing answers to those prayers together!

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