Why I Love Our Annual Church Business Meetings

Mention the words “business meeting” and “church” and you will get some interesting verbal and non-verbal responses, most of which will be derogatory in nature. We have been blessed here at Grace to enjoy many great and encouraging business meetings. So I do enjoy our meetings and here are my top 5 reasons why:

5. We don’t agree on everything and that’s ok. God’s people here at Grace, pastors included, have a sense of something bigger than ourselves when we gather and talk about our plans and our future.
4. We have a tremendously talented treasurer and ministry-minded trustees who work hard at presenting a budget that reflects our priorities as a church.
3. It is an annual celebration of God’s grace. Our annual report is not just some document meant for the archives; it is a statement of God’s grace in our midst.
2. God is using this ministry. Our annual meetings are markers along the way that show the fruit of a ministry simply trying to trust God and see Him work.
1. I get to be with some of my most favorite people for an hour or so!

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