Kudos to CBS & The Tebow Family

It is not often I will find myself giving “props” to a network TV channel but this morning I must do so for CBS. Why? CBS is willing, against pressure from liberal groups, to not back down on airing a Focus on the Family advertisement during the Super Bowl. This advertisement features college football star Tim Tebow, an outspoken Christian from a missionary family, and his mom, Pam, sharing an inspirational story. This inspirational story is how Pam was counseled by doctors to abort Tim during her pregnancy. Pam decided against this counsel and carried Tim full-term and now watches her son from the stands as one of America’s best athletes. This emotional and inspirational decision not to abort has many advocacy groups livid. Here is a statement in a Rueters story from a woman’s rights advocacy group seeking to stop this ad from airing:

“It (the ad) uses one family’s story to dictate morality to the American public, and encourages young women to disregard medical advice, putting their lives at risk.”

Umm, Pam and Tim seem to be doing o.k. don’t they? Why would anyone not be happy for the Tebow’s? What is so morally decrepit about a mother wishing to carry her baby full-term even if there is some risk? Oh, that’s right, the Tebow’s are Christians.

 So kudos to CBS for realizing that this ad is simply a great story, which will in turn make a great ad during their telecast.

One thought on “Kudos to CBS & The Tebow Family

  1. We are waiting to shuttle over to the cruise…miss our church family….met a gentleman at breakfast who heard us talking about Batavia NY and asked us if we knew Donald Shirk!!!! He was a member of a church where Pastor was their Pastor in Virginia…what a small world we live in! God is good and we are enjoying the time He has given us!

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