What is God Doing?

This Sunday we will be handing out our annual report. You can’t help but ask this question once you have reviewed it: “What is God doing here at Grace Baptist?” Why should that question be on your lips? Because one year ago we handed out a proposed budget for 2009 in the wake of the economic meltdown that was the fall of 2008 which included a 5% increase in the general fund. We did so knowing that giving fell just a bit short in 2008 but the pastors and trustees truly knew that God was able if He willed. This in the midst of headlines such as these:

Charitable Giving Declines, a New Report Finds – NYTimes.com Jun 10, 2009

Press Release | Charitable Giving Climate Continues to Decline …Aug 3, 2009 … philanthropy.iupui.edu

Non-profits see decrease in charitable giving in 2009

Charitable Giving Down In 2009 : NPR Dec 31, 2009 … The economy spent much of 2009 in a severe recession. That’s made life difficult for many charities…

Well, we exceeded budget in 2009 and the only response is to praise and thank a big God. Our general fund giving increased by nearly 10% this year! That is almost unheard of in America right now. Even more incredible is the fact that attendance saw a modest growth but the giving increase far outpaced our attendance increase.

As we engage “Give Me Eyes to See” we do so knowing that even during tough financial times God shows His mighty power through His exceeding and abundant supply to His saints.

So, what might God be doing here at Grace Baptist as we stand poised to make a significant advance in meeting the great spiritual needs of Batavia and the surrounding area?

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